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Info for clients

The following procedure below is followed from initial call to our agency from a prospective client wishing to book a model for an assignment to completion of the assignment:

  • Client calls Sports Glamour requesting if model e.g. Avalon (this is her model name not her real name) is available to do an assignment on date or dates given by client.
  • We inform the client we will check her schedule and also contact her to see if she is free on specific date or dates scheduled for the assignment.

At all times we do not/will not give any of the models personal details, only details her web page will be given. Prior to calling Avalon we take details of the assignment:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Venue
  • Type of assignment
  • Is our commission paid separate to the models fee, if not, what percentage is the client paying (we would negotiate this over the phone with the client prior to calling the model. Commission would be between 10% and 20% depending on the assignment).
  • We need email confirmation the client will pay the models travel expenses prior to the assignment into the models account, email to detail amount of expenses.
  • We also need email confirmation the models fee and our commission including amounts will be paid into relevant models and agency accounts on completion of the assignment.

  • We check the models schedule and if she is free, if she is we contact her and give her all the details bar the clients details, these will only be given if she agrees to the assignment and then only with the permission of the client once we confirm with them the model is available for the assignment. Permission from the client will be preferably in email form, if not, text will be sufficient.
  • We then contact the client and confirm the model is available and we will forward her details to them. Details of model will only be forwarded after we have been given permission from the model to do so. Permission from the model will preferably be in email form, if not, text will be sufficient.
  • Once permission has been given by both client and model we pass client details to model and models details to client.
  • Client and model are then in contact with each other and this takes us out of the equation in terms of acting as a 'go between' i.e. it saves on time for our agency, client and model repeating messages to each other etc.
  • The day before the assignment the model MUST confirm via text to both agency and client she is available for the assignment. If model does not confirm model will be fined.
  • On the day of the assignment model MUST confirm via text with agency and client she has arrived at the venue. If model does not confirm model will be fined.
  • Model MUST give feedback on assignment on completion with agency.
  • If model does not attend for assignment without a good excuse then said model will be taken off Sports Glamour's books.
  • If a client cancels the assignment but not in sufficient time for model to rearrange her schedule then client MUST pay full cost of cancelled assignment i.e. models fee and agency commission.